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I was born in Brooklyn, New York and I am a proud Yankee. :) I'm also a proud Belieber! And Directioner! And Mahomie! :D <3 I am also a Muslim. <3

Converse Isn’t Just for Shoes Anymore!


Converse Isn't Just for Shoes Anymore!

Hey! So everyone probably already knows Converse, the brand that makes all those cute shoes? Well, they have a clothing line now, and Target has it all! I got this adorableee cheetah print dress (haha, shirt) that’s really cute and ruffly! I have a few other pieces from this brand, and I think you guys would really love the designs they have to offer! Perfect for girls who love sparkles, ruffles, animal prints, cute belts, etc. A must-have for any hijabi hottie!



This is what happens when you #NeverSayNever and #Believe
Beliebers go hard! 🙂 ❤

Our Adventures with Ashley

IT HAPPENED!!! IT REALLY HAPPENED!!! Yesterday, at Macy’s Department Store, on 34th and Broadway in New York City, Ashley’s dream of meeting THE BIEBS actually came true!!! She hasn’t stopped smiling and now she has come down with an even MORE severe case of “BIEBER FEVER”…what’s a girl to do…but dream of the Biebs!!! So I guess I should tell you how this all happened…..Let me start from the beginning…

Okay, the Bieber Fever has been circulating through Ashley’s blood for about a year and a half now. Ever since Christi Robinson, one of the three sisters that made the “Message to Justin Bieber” video, came to babysit Ashley, Olivia and their friend Anna Scott one night. Christi and her friend showed the three girls a video on the TV of this “new guy” named Justin who they thought was totally cute! Well, that night, Anna Scott fell in complete…

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A Sonoma Garden


My new e-booklet is just out:
Simple Handcrafted Body Care.
If you like this recipe, you’re going to love the booklet!

About three weeks ago our daughter (still so strange to say ‘daughter’ after 6 years of having only boys!) started developing eczema, just like our boys did as babies. Our oldest didn’t have it all that bad, just around his ankles and elbows, our second son had it much worse. He had it all over his face, arms and legs. I tried everything for him and what worked best was my homemade lotion. Strangely enough what cured his eczema for good was going to Kauai and taking him off cows milk during the trip. I had read that cows milk sometimes either causes eczema or worsens it and I’m sure the humidity of the Hawaiian islands helped a lot. Even though our Sonoma air is quite arid, his…

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